Cristallofonia – The Voice of Crystal

Glass harp player Robert Tiso brings music to life in a rather unconventional and enchanting way.
Using only the tips of his fingers and moving expertly from one glass to another producing different sounds, he performs a lyrical and hybrid rendition of great classical masterpieces. Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky… are among his favourite composers.
Robert Tiso transforms a set of stemmed wine glasses into a magical musical instrument. Each glass is tuned by adding a precise amount of water, while the sound is produced by rubbing the fingertips around the rims, simulating the friction of a violin bow.
There’s something deeply evocative in the sound of the glass harp, capable of leading the audience through a mesmerizing experience.
Robert Tiso performs music that surprises, stimulates curiosity, and reminds that creativity and innovation are endless.